Gipsy Lil – The Wild One


Lil Daniels runs away from her gipsy home because of her father’s cruelty and because he refuses to allow her ever to mix with other girls. There is some strange reason for his behaviour, known only to a mystery man who has a hold over  father. Lil is “adopted” by Janice Grayson, who is trying to find out all she can about Lil’s mysterious background. Miss Chadwick, a former Olympic swimmer, and a friend of Jan’s, is coaching Lil in swimming, at which she excels. Lil, is attending school with Janice, and one day in class she dashes from the room to the surprise of Janice, and the anger of the teacher—because she has seen the Mystery Man coming towards the school.

gipsy lil


  • Appeared with the subheading “the wild one” in some issues


  • Gipsy Lil – The Wild One – Judy:  #57 (11 February 1961) – #73 (03 June 1961)

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