Hilltop Teacher


Pat Benton comes to Stonecroft Farm, high up on Scarfe Peak, to teach the Gregson children – Kay, Pete, Sue and Dick. Coping with four  lively children who never had lessons before was tiring work. They did all they could to upset her and were backed up by their grandmother Mrs Tyrrel, who thought the whole idea of school was modern nonsense.

hilltop teacher
(Hilltop Teacher – 1960s)

hilltop teacher 75(Hilltop Teacher – 1970s)


  • Originally text story, updated to picture story


  • Hilltop Teacher (text story) – Judy:  47 (03 December 1960) – 54 (21 January 1961)
  • Hilltop Teacher  – Judy:  circa 798 (1975)  – 807 (28 June 1975)

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