Kitty Must Walk!


When Kitty Green, an orphan, is hurt in a car accident, she is told she  will never walk again. But her sister, Carol, believes that with treatment from on old retired physician, Dr Weston, Kitty will eventually be cured. The girls’ wicked Aunt Hester plans to receive the large sum of money to be paid in compensation for Kitty’s dreadful injury and tries to stop the treatment. The sum involved depends on how badly Kitty is injured. The two sisters stay with Dr Weston in his country cottage, but Carol is caught by Aunt Hester as she comes from school. She manages to escape, but, as she prepares to leave the house, the telephone rings.

kitty must walk(Kitty Must Walk! – 1960s)

kitty must walk 1980s(Kitty Must Walk! – 1980s)


  • Reprinted with new art in the 1980s


  • Kitty Must Walk! – Judy:  #107 (27 January 1962) – #121 (05 May 1962)
  • Reprinted (with new art) – Judy: #1050 (23 February 1980) – #1064 (31 May 1980)

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