Little Miss Lonely Heart


Young Lynn Harrison’s father has been convicted of robbery and sent to prison, but Lynn believes her father is innocent and is determined to prove it. In the streets one day, Lynn sees her father’s double and is convinced that this is the man who really committed the robbery. Disguised as a man, Lynn sets out to find her father’s double again, and poses as a plain clothes detective to help her make inquiries. But she is unsuccessful, and after a narrow escape from being discovered by a policeman, decides to go home. While waiting for her bus, Lynn looks at the posters outside a nearby theatre and, to her amazement, smiling from one of them is the man who so resembles her father—Malcolm Murray, an actor!

little miss lonely heart


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  • Little Miss Lonely Heart  – Judy:  #118 (14 April 1962) – #130 (07 July 1962)

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