Little Mother


Mr and Mrs Malden, an elderly couple who have no children of their own, have taken ten orphans into their home, Malden House. The eldest of these is 13-year-old Betty Baker, a talented violinist. On the day that Betty learns she has won a scholarship to the Academy of Music, the Maidens are seriously injured in a road accident. The Welfare authorities want to separate the children, sending them to different Homes but, led by Betty, the children fight the idea. Betty has promised the Maidens that she will keep the children together and is willing to sacrifice her scholarship so that she can fulfil this promise. She manages to persuade the authorities to allow her to try to run Malden House, and bravely sets about her task.

little mother1


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  • Little Mother – Judy:¬† #79 (15 July 1961) – #88 (16 September¬†1961)

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