Ruth – Riding High


Zarak, a camel from an animal pantomime, has been left in the care of Ruth Rogers’ father until he is needed again. When Ruth and four young friends are told that they must travel ten miles each day to a new school in Ashbury, they are dismayed because there is no suitable bus service. However, Zarak provides the solution to the problem and the children travel to school on him. In Ruth’s class at school is Paul Hobson, the spoilt son of a wealthy farmer in the area. Paul is Ruth’s greatest rival for the one place in Grammar School open to the pupils of Ashbury School. The place will go to the pupil with the best results in the forthcoming eleven-plus exam. Paul is determined that, by fair means or foul, he will be the one to go to Grammar School!

ruth riding high


  • Text story


  • Ruth – Riding High (text) – Judy:  132 (21 July 1962) – 143?

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