The Shipwrecked Kidds


Maureen Kidd and her young brother, Jimmy, who is nursing a broken wrist, are aboard the s.s. Rainbow, captained by their father, when the ship hits a mine in a fog.  As the vessel goes down, the last the Kidds see of their father is when he hands Maureen a mysterious black box to guard. The Kidds are washed ashore on a raft and eventually are given shelter by Charlie Todd, a general dealer, makes the Kidds work for him in exchange for their keep. The only other reported survivor from the “Rainbow” is Sharkey, the sly mate, who knows the black box contains a fortune in jewels and is determined to take it from the Kidds.
 shipwrecked kidds



  • The Shipwrecked Kidds  – Judy:  #89 (23 September 1961) – #99 (02 December 1961)

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