Trudy on the Trampoline


Trampoline experts Trudy Manders and her father, a sergeant instructor in the Army, have joined a circus touring Germany, as a cover in their search for Professor Goldsmith, a missing British scientist. Their only contact with the Secret Service is a mysterious character known as The Mouse. From information received in messages from The Mouse and in other ways, the Manders suspect that Frankel, the circus lion-tamer, is connected with the Professor’s disappearance. Unknown to Trudy, Frankel has decided that she is too inquisitive, and he is out to get her!

trudy on the the trampoline



  • Trudy on the Trampoline – Judy:  #107 (27 January 1962) – #118 (14 April 1962)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1019 (21 July 1979) – #1030 (06 October 1979)

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