Backstroke Babs


Although  Babs Benton-has been crippled in the car accident that killed her parents, she is an amazingly powerful back-stroke swimmer. Bobs now stays with distant relatives, Mr and Mrs Haxton, and their spiteful daughter, Freda. It suits them very well to have Babs a cripple, because every year they are paid £500 from her parents’ legacy for looking after her. They have stopped her attending classes at a special school and they have forbidden her to swim, but Babs is determined to outwit them. At the pool one morning, the swimming coach, Mr Grant, and his daughter, Sally, realise Bobs has great swimming talent, but they are bewildered when Babs, realising that she may arrive home late, suddenly rushes off.

backstroke babs



  • Backstroke Babs  – Judy:  #169 (06 April 1963) – #182 (06 July 1963)

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