Ballet at Bleak House


Young Jane Kemp has given up a promising career in ballet to work as an assistant at Blake House Remand Home for Girls, justly called by them “Bleak House”. Jane teaches P.T. and takes the girls for games, but she has started a ballet class hoping that this will bring them the happiness that it gives her.

ballet at bleak house



  • Ballet at Bleak House – Judy:  #212 (1 February 1964) – #229 (30 May 1964)
  • Reprinted – Judy: circa #1168 (29 May 1982) – (?)
  • Ballet at Bleak House – Judy:  #285 (26 June 1965) – #295 ?(04 September 1965)

Other Appearances:

  • Ballet at Bleak House – Judy Annual 1966
  • Ballet at Bleak House – Judy Picture Story Library: #23

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