Queen of the Castle


When Susan, John and Valerie Queen were  orphaned, it seemed as though their castle home would have to be sold, as their father had left no money for its upkeep. However, there had been Queen living at The Castle for hundreds of years and Susan was determined that she and her younger brother and sister would go on living there. She hit on the idea of making money by providing a holiday home for children who were unable to spend their holidays with their parents.  Miss Lane, the housekeeper, known to them as ” Comfy “, backed up the idea.

queen of the castle



  • Queen of the Castle – Judy: #228 (23 May 1964) – #247 (3 October 1964)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1083 (11 October 1980) – #1101 (14 February 1981)


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