Beauty the Beast


Binnie, daughter of Fred Black, a dairyman of Rookfield, is keen to show-jump their milk pony. Beauty has such a comical face he is often referred to as Beauty the beast, but Binnie has a high regard for him. As Binnie is inexperienced at jumping she is having some lessons at the pony  school, run by Miss Moore. She and Beauty are chosen for the school team in a combined training event, Althea Brimpton, daughter of the owners of a popular hotel, is furious, because she thinks she should have been chosen instead. The hotel is one of Fred Black’s biggest customers, and Mr Brimpton threatens to give him up unless Binnie ceases to attend the pony school. As Fred is in the process of buying a new van, he is forced to agree, much to  Binnie’s sorrow.

beauty the beast


  • Artist: Ian Kennedy


  • Beauty the Beast – Judy:  #227 (16 May 1964) – #241 (22 August 1964)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #664 (30 September 1972) – #678 (6 January 1973)


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