Debbie at Drama School


Orphan Debbie Shore, a student at Leesford Drama School, finds a clue to her real identity in the form of an old newspaper photo which resembles her very closely but, unfortunately, the caption is missing. However, Debbie learns that a wealthy old lady, Mrs Mitchell, may hove a copy of the paper. Debbie’s friend, Holly, goes to see Mrs Mitchell , as the sight of Debbie seems to upset her. Mrs Mitchell finds the paper Holly requires but, when she sees the photo, she orders Holly out of the house. However, Holly sees the name of the girl in the photo is Deborah Mitchell—Mrs Mitchell’s daughter, who left home to become an actress then later married and was lost at sea with her husband and child.

Debbie’s teacher suspects she is the daughter of Deborah Mitchell, whom she went to school with. She has taken a grudge against Debbie as she is jealous of her talent, and her presumed mother’s success as an actress.

debbie drama school



  • Debbie at Drama School – Judy:  #158 (19 January 1963) – #171 (20 April 1963)

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