Deep-Sea Debbie / Debbie and the Drowned Village


Debbie’s father, Mike Nolan, is a professional skindiver, specialising in underwater jobs where the usual diving equipment is too cumbersome. From an early age, Debbie has been taught to use an aqua-lung, and now she assists her father in his newly-formed Underwater Enterprises Company.

Debbie and her father, return in Debbie and the Drowned Village. The two travel to Llanberan, in Wales,  where unexplained accidents are holding up the completion of a new dam. Mike and Debbie believe the accidents are the work of a man who doesn’t want the dam built. While Bill Parry, the engineer in charge of the project, is on top of the dam, the bucket on a crane swings round and causes him to fall into the reservoir. He doesn’t surface and Debbie dives in after to save him.

deep sea debbie



  • Deep-Sea Debbie – Judy:  circa #195 (05 October  1963) – #209?
  • Debbie and the Drowned Village– Judy:  #382 (06 May  1967) – #391?

Other Appearances

  • Deep-Sea Debbie – Judy Annual 1965
  • Deep-Sea Debbie – Judy Annual 1968
  • Deep-Sea Debbie – Judy Picture Story Library: #19

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