Katy’s Casebook


Katy Simmonds is a girl-groom at the Whitefriars Farm Rest Home for Horses. Her employer, Mrs Charteris, rescues sick or aged horses, ponies and donkeys and, with Katy’s help; nurses them back to health. When they are fit enough, they go to new homes to make way for fresh patients. One of Katy’s responsibilities is to make sure their new owners give them the love and care they need.Katy's Casebook



  • Katy’s Casebook – Judy:  circa #195 (05 October  1963) – #201 (16 November 1963)
  • Katy’s Casebook – Judy:  #232 (20 June  1964) –  (?)

Other Appearances:

  • Katy’s Casebook – Judy Annual 1965
  • Katy’s Casebook – Judy Annual 1966
  • Katy’s Casebook – Judy Annual 1967

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