Kitty at Keep-Away Farm


While her parents are abroad, Kitty Hunter is spending a year on her Uncle Jeb’s lonely Yorkshire moor farm, known as Keep-Away Farm because of the notices round it. She makes friends with Heather Foster, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer, only to discover that there is an 18- year-old feud between the Hunters and the Fosters. Because of this, Kitty and Heather are forbidden to meet. However, the first night she is there, Kitty and Heather help with a pot-hole rescue. Next morning, Kitty and Uncle Jeb meet the nurse who was at the rescue—and she recognises Kitty! kitty at keep away farm



  • Kitty at Keep-Away Farm – Judy:  #187 (10 August 1963) – #194 (28 September 1963)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #889 (22 January 1977) – #896 (12 March 1977)

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