Mary’s Mini Mum


Mary Myers’ mother spills a mysterious liquid on herself at the scientific research laboratory where she works. The liquid causes her to shrink whenever she gets hot.




  • Mary’s Mini Mum – M&J:  #28 (23 November 1991) – #36 (18 January 1992)

9 thoughts on “Mary’s Mini Mum

  1. Yes that artist keeps popping up in loads of places, including annuals and picture story libraries. I wonder if he/she switched to DCT after IPC comics finished up, a lot of the stories in DCT seem to be from the 90s.

    As for Mini-Mums this is the 3rd story I know of that involved shrinking mothers!

  2. lorrbot said:
    “As for Mini-Mums this is the 3rd story I know of that involved shrinking mothers!”

    What are the other two?

      1. Bunty had “My School Chum Mum”, where Mum ends up looking like a school girl after an overdose of anti-aging cream. I like this one for exploring how much Mum finds school has changed since her time and rattling the teachers’ cages a bit.

        Does anyone know of other serials where chemicals had oddball effects on mums?

        1. There was also a picture story library “Trouble Brewing” where the mom also ended up de-aging after drinking special tea. Though she had it worse than My School Chum Mum as she didn’t stop de-aging and ended up younger than her daughter!

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