Odd Girl Out [1964]


Rita Galton, who has travelled the world with her father, a consultant engineer, comes to  Oldcastle College as a pupil. Miss Blair, the headmistress, encourages team spirit and all the pupils are expected to participate in games. Rita is put in “The Oaks”, one of the four houses of the famous boarding school.  Straight away she clashes with teachers and prefects when she has her own way of doing things. She has no interest in team games, though she does like single sports like kayaking, fencing and tennis.odd girl out



  • Odd Girl Out – Judy:  #234 (04 July 1964) – #246 (26 September 1964)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #803 (31 May 1975) – #814 (16 August 1975)


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