Paula Pulls the Strings


Young Paula Jones, backstage-girl with the Marcello Ballet Company, copes with all the little problems that crop up before, during and after a ballet performance. When Madame Marcello, the principal of the company, is taken into a nursing-home for a long and expensive course of treatment, it seems at first that the company will be disbanded but Paula persuades Claude Provence, Madame’s nephew, to continue with the company’s tour in order to pay Madame’s fees.

After an appearance on television, the dancers think that offers of bookings will come pouring in and, full of high hopes, they go down to the station to collect their scenery and costumes, which had been held up by a blockage on the line. paula pulls the strings



  • Paula Pulls the Strings – Judy: #211 (25 January 1964) – #231 (13 June 1964)
  • Paula Pulls the Strings – Judy:  #352 (08 October 1966) – #359 (26 November 1966)

Other Appearances:

  • Paula Pulls the Strings – Judy Annual 1965
  • Paula Pulls the Strings – Judy Annual 1966
  • Paula Pulls the Strings – Judy Picture Story Library: #26



4 thoughts on “Paula Pulls the Strings

  1. Unless Paula is pulling the strings in reverse order, Lorraine, I fail to see how it can start in issue 352 and end in 259. However, to offset what might seem to be a critical comment, (it isn’t really), can I tell you that the 1964 tale started in issue 211 (January 25 1964).

  2. I’ve corrected that typo that should have been 359! Thanks for the other dates.

    I’ve been doing the slow process of going through old posts, checking dates updating where I can. I have yet to even begin to tackle the big 3 comics (Bunty, Mandy, Judy) so that will be an ongoing project to keep me busy!

    Thanks for your help as always.

    1. She very much does!! That’s why it’s a slow process, but can be a good unwinding activity when shes in bed.

      All excitement for Christmas now, we had good fun decorating tree at the weekend.

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