Pedlar Pam


Young  Pam Calvert travels the Middle West of  America with her father, selling pots, pans and patent medicines. Actually, John Calvert is a surveyor for a railroad company which is opening up the West and he has adopted a pedlar’s disguise,  because many people will stop at nothing to prevent the tracks going farther than Red Birch. Dale  Connell, a freight boss, has done all he can to run John Calvert out of town, because he will lose money if the railway is able to haul freight in the area. One day, when Pam goes shopping in the nearby town of Wichaw Falls, she notices that she is being followed by Brad Scott and Zach Marley, two of Connell’s men. A little later, Pam is accused of stealing.pedlar pam



  • Pedlar Pam – Judy:  199 (02 November 1963) – 211?


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