Runaway Rhona


When Rhona Lockhart’s widowed mother marries Gervase Power, a wealthy landowner who is passionately interested in horses. Rhona is expected to become a competent rider. Rhona loves horses, but she lost her nerve after a bad fall when she was young and now she is terrified to ride. Because of this. Rhona runs away from home and joins a travelling circus—only to be given a job as a bare-back rider! To her surprise, Rhona discovers that she is not afraid while riding bare-back, because she is free to leap on and off the horse. She makes splendid progress and the circus-owner decides she is ready to perform in public. Unknown to Rhona, her stepsister, Charlotte, has reported seeing her near the circus ground, and Mr Power arrives with Rhona’s mother and Charlotte just as Rhona comes on.

runaway rhona



  • Runaway Rhona – Judy:   #304 (6 November 1965) – #312 (1 January 1966)

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