Sally’s Secret Zoo


Young Sally Deacon, her friend, Joe Casey, and the other children in the flats, where they live, secretly keep their pets in the disused Harrington School, as animals are forbidden in the flats by Simon Oakes, the housing manager. Joe’s brother, Ken, is being forced by a man called Sam Rudd to help dig a tunnel beneath the school to rob the bank next door. Sally gets Ken safely out of the way by having her uncle take him on an expedition to search for her father, who is lost in a Brazilian jungle. However, Rudd then forces Joe to take Ken’s place.

Sally follows them to the school but is caught by Rudd, who sets a time bomb beneath the bank vaults. He leaves Sally in the cellar, intending to return after the explosion. The police warned by Ken before he left for Brazil, arrive in time to stop the explosion, but they realise that Rudd must have seen the police car at the school and has gone off, taking Joe with him.sally's secet zoo



  • Sally’s Secret Zoo – Judy:  #275 (17 April 1965) – #286 (03 July 1965)

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