The Dark Horse


While Jo Rockwood is working at the Sunrise Riding Stables, she discovers that Morgan, the head groom, is the secret owner of a black steeplechaser called Midnight. Midnight had been condemned to death when he was involved in a bad accident at another stable, and Morgan, who worked at the stables at the time, had saved him, unknown to the owner. Jo hits upon the idea of training midnight for one day events and, to help keep the horse’s: identity secret, lets it be thought that midnight belongs to her. Mrs Barrett, the somewhat snobbish owner of the riding stables, is impressed by Midnight and gives Jo permission to keep him at the stables. To become an event horse, Midnight has to be taught dressage.

dark horse


  • Art: Ian Kennedy


  • The Dark Horse  – Judy:  #289 (31 July 1965) – #303 (30 October 1965)
  • Reprinted – #932 (19 November 1977)  – #946 (25 February 1978)

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