The House that Jill Built


When young Jill Langley, an outstanding swimmer and olympic gold medallist, receives offers to appear in films and aqua shows, she feels on top of the world. Then her doctor father takes her with him on a visit to an international village for underprivileged children which has been opened recently near her home. Jill’s heart is so touched by the children’s plight that she decides to give up her chances of a swimming career to  work for them at the village as an assistant housemother.

house that jill built



  • The House that Jill Built  – Judy:   #294 (28 August 1965) – #313 (8 January 1966)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #1135 (10 October 1981)  –  #1152 (6 February 1982)

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