The Story of Flora Fenton


It is 1747 and Flora Fenton, a talented Scots girl, has the chance of becoming an actress at Drury Lane if she can get to London. Her father, Neil, is a drover, and when he is asked to take a herd of cattle to Doncaster, Flora persuades him to employ her as a drover along with her brother, Ian. Morag Fenton, Flora’s mother, and small brother, Jamie,go, too. On the second day of the drove, two dishonest brothers—Davie and Enoch Breck—fall in with them and, by causing a series of accidents involving Flora, persuade Neil to send her home with Morag and Jamie while they take her place. However, the little party haven’t gone for on the homeward journey when they are overtaken by one of the cattle dogs bearing bloodstains. Fearing foul play, Flora rides back after the herd. the story of flora fenton



  • The Story of Flora Fenton – Judy:  #187 (10 August 1963) – #202 (23 November 1963)

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