Wendy Must Win


It is vital that young Wendy Mason, a pupil at Redwood School for Girls, should win the County Tennis Championship Trophy, as the cup contains part of a map which will help Wendy’s archaeologist father locate an ancient Egyptian tomb. Miss Wilson, a teacher at Redwood, is also determined to win the trophy, as she and her brother, Quentin, wish to find the tomb for their own personal gain. On the day of the semi-finals of the championships, Miss Wilson’s brother tries to make Wendy miss her match by sending her to the wrong courts by means of an anonymous phone call. However, Wendy and her friend, Jill, arrive at the courts in time and go to change. But when they try the changing-room door, they find themselves locked in! wendy must win



  • Wendy Must Win – Judy:  #180 (22 June 1963) – #186 (03 August 1963)

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