Jade Jenkins’ Stall


Note: this feature was not actually named Jade Jenkins’ Stall. The titles used were individual titles.

Jade Jenkins runs a bring-and-buy stall. Many of her items have a story behind them. Not surprisingly, each story is concerned with why the seller did not want the item and brought it to the stall – which does not make for happy reading. For example:

  • The karaoke kit (below) gets Sharon discovered as a singer and she becomes famous. But she gets so busy with her career that she has no time for friends and family.
  • A pile of unwanted teddy bears tell how Nicola rues the day she said she loves teddy bears, because she ends up with nothing else for her birthday and people keep lumbering her with even more. She gets rid of the teddies at the stall, hoping they will get the message – but her family just buys the teddies back for her Christmas present!
  • A school blazer tells a sad story about bullying. Denise does not have the courage to stand up for new girl Claire when she gets bullied. Then when Denise transfers to a new school, she finds herself in the same position as Claire, with nobody willing to stand up for her.
  • A tennis racquet is strangely unlucky for whoever has used it. They have won no games since they acquired it and it ended up returned.




  • Artists:  Maria Dembilio (main artist) and Norman Lee (#115, #118)
  • This was not actually titled Jade Jenkins’ Stall. The stories appeared with individual titles.
  • First appeared M&J #115 (24 July 1993), it appeared sporadically.
  • Last appeared M&J #221 (5 August 1995)

List of Stories

  • Fame – M&J: #115
  • Whose Song? – M&J: #118
  • Two-Timer – M&J: #120
  • Champion – M&J: #126
  • Rachel – M&J: #135
  • Bear With It – M&J: #137
  • Tall Story – M&J: #138
  • Turnabout – M&J: #142
  • Unlucky for Some – M&J: #143
  • Changed Too Much – M&J: #148
  • Masked Feelings – M&J: #149
  • Broken-Hearted – M&J: #150
  • The Boaster – M&J: #196
  • Happy Holiday – M&J: #198
  • Oh, Brother – M&J: #197
  • Lee’s Story – M&J: #199
  • Time to Choose – M&J: #200
  • Excuses! – M&J: #221

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