Senga in the Desperate Days


In the year 2471, a small community lived an a little piece of land separated from the rest of the barren world-the result of an atomic catastrophe—by a deep ravine, known as the Chasm, Senga, a young crippled girl, was the Scribe for the community of Land Enders. Senga overheard the Councillors admit amongst themselves that famine was inevitable and all the Land Enders were doomed to die. Keeping the fearful secret, ,Senga tried to interest her friends in building a boat, like that of Columbus, for the Land Enders to explore the world in the hope of finding more fertile land.
senga desperate days



  • Art: Oliver Passingham


  • Senga in the Desperate Days– Judy:  #574 (09 January 1971) –  #593 (22 May 1971)


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