The Golden Cradle


Placed under hypnosis to restore her lost  memory, young Jean Lightfoot continues the amazing account of her previous life as Princess Tana-lohi, who lived fifteen thousand years ago in the now submerged land of Mu.

On Tana-lohi’s 15th birthday, Mu is invaded by Vedh, a highly-developed race from another planet, and her parents are killed. Tana-lohi is spared, and pledges herself to free her enslaved people with the help of the priest, Noni, who has escaped to safety.

golden cradle




  • The Golden Cradle – Judy:   circa 402 (23 September 1967) – (?)

1 thought on “The Golden Cradle

  1. There was a Tammy story, “Time Trap!”, where a girl is put under hypnosis for a reincarnation experiment. She recalls a previous existence as the sister of Watt Tyler, on the run after The Peasants’ Revolt. The trouble is, the scientist who put her under hypnosis collapsed with a heart attack, leaving her trapped in the trance and time period!

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