Anita’s Butler


Anita Murray inherits a ghostly butler named Mareton. Only she can see or hear him, unless he wills it otherwise.



  • Artist: Bert Hill
  • Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #7 as “Betty en haar butler” (cover title) and “Betty’s Butler” (story title).
  • Anita’s Butler (Judy Annual 1982) reprinted and translated into Dutch – Debbie #30 (1982)


  • Anita’s Butler – Judy: #1006 (21 April 1979) – #1023 (18 August 1979)
  • Anita’s Butler – Judy: #1113 (09 May  1981) – #1130 (5 September 1981)

Other Appearances:

  • Anita’s Butler – Judy Annual 1982
  • Anita’s Butler – Judy Annual 1983

5 thoughts on “Anita’s Butler

  1. Published in Dutch in Debbie Parade Album #7 as “Betty en haar butler” (cover title) and “Betty’s butler” (story title). The main character has been renamed Betty (oddly enough, a more English-sounding name than Anita) and the ghostly butler Maurik:

    Anyone know who did the writing?


    1. Funny – as I recall, the Dutch translations didn’t go for alliterative titles, but in this case they did. Yet the original did not have an alliterative title.

  2. A three-page story about Mareton (called Marsman here) was translated into Dutch and published in Debbie #30 (1982).

    Anita was not renamed this time, so the story title is “Anita’s butler”.

    Unfortunately, the date was cut off, so not sure where it originates.

    There is a new student at school and Mareton thinks he is a thief. When he suspects the thief sabotages an airplane, he makes Anita intervene, and is proven wrong.


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