Little Amy [1985]


Amy Miller is thirteen, but small for her age. When photographer Don Dawson mistakes Amy for an eight-year-old, her unscrupulous Aunt Pearl forces her to keep up the deception in order to work as a model. Aunt Pearl even goes as far as to keep Amy underfed in order to stunt her growth and keep her in the primers at school.




  • Little Amy –  Tracy: #277 (19 January 1985), continued in Judy & Tracy: #1306 (19 January 1985) – #1327 (15 June 1985)

2 thoughts on “Little Amy [1985]

  1. The continuation of ‘Little Amy’ ends in JUDY & TRACY 1327 (June 15 1985). It’s a long and interesting story, so a synopsis of it could well be included in my book. No promises though.

    1. That horrible aunt keeps Little Amy half-starved and under-educated for that long a story, lasting six months? Yikes!

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