Liz of Little Barton / Microgirl


When people mysteriously left the village of Barton, Liz James discovered that they had actually been shrunk to a few inches high and kept prisoner in a model of Barton Village by the sinister Professor Raikes. Liz rescued her friend Ann Carter and they had to decided to keep the truth about Little Barton a secret until they found away to bring all the prisoners back to their proper size.

A sequel, Microgirl appeared in Judy & Tracy where Professor Raikes returns and shrinks Liz and her parents. Liz manages to escape the mobile laboratory where Raikes is keeping them prisoner.



  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones


  • Liz of Little Barton  – Tracy: #245 (9 June 1984) – #254 (11 August 1984)
  • Microgirl – Judy & Tracy:  #1306 (19 January 1985) – #1323 (18 May 1985)

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