Fleetfoot – Girl of the Wilds


Fleetfoot lives with the Indians but is not an Indian. She has a golden locket, which is her most prized possession, but she does not realise it holds the key to her true identity. When it opens, she cannot understand it because she cannot read. But Mr Hollins, whom she has befriended, can read it and they go in search of the ranch mentioned in the locket.



  • Art: Adolfo Usero
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Fleetwood” – Debbie Dierenstripboek #36 (1983).


  • Fleetfoot – Girl of the Wilds –  Debbie: #112 (05 April 1975) – #122 (14  June1975)

4 thoughts on “Fleetfoot – Girl of the Wilds

  1. Fleetfoot was just as fictional a character as her partial namesake Johnny Fleetfoot The Redskin Winger, whose footballing exploits were recounted in The Champion. All such invented characters transfer by osmosis from the imagination of the writer to the imagination of the reader via the printed page.

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