Gabby Grant wants to go into show business. Her grandfather dies at the hands of crooks who are after his market stall. Gabby resolves to keep the stall going and still pursue her path in show business. She returns in sequels.

Gabby Goes West – Gabby is chosen to sell London as tourist destination to Americans but when crooks hear Gabby is taking a London bus to America, they decided  to hide diamonds on board, Now Gaby was being hunted by American mob.

Gabby on Tour – Gabby tours Britain’s market, then villains steal her van, she manages to track down the van but finds a girl tied up inside!

Gabby 1



  • Gabby –  Debbie: #220 (30 April 1977) – #231 (16 July 1977)
  • Gabby Goes West – Debbie #287 (12 August 1978) – #296 (14 October 1978)
  • Gabby on Tour – Debbie: #312 (03 February 1979) – #319 (24 March 1979)
  • Gabby Afloat – Debbie: #448 (12 September 1981) – #459 (28 November 1981)

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