No Love for Lorna


Lorna Stewart has been brought up on a remote island by her guardian, Rachel Strong, whom Lorna knows only as the Coach. The Coach is so determined to make Lorna a champion fencer that she has chained Lorna to her sword. The Coach then leaves Lorna in the care of Michael Sinclair, a director of a  sports centre, who tries to amend the social deficiencies and temperament problems from  Lorna’s upbringing, but he does not know the Coach is out to sabotage that. And Lorna also makes an enemy of Paula Bowen, a girl she defeated at the sports centre.



  • This story is similar to Judy’s “Chained to Her Racket!
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Eenzame Lorna…” (“Lonely Lorna…”) – Peggy + Plus (Holco Publications)  #1 (1980? series)


  • No Love for Lorna –  Debbie:  #165 (10 April 1976) – #180 (24 July 1976)

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