The Promise Pandora Made / Pandora’s Secret Pledge


When her mother died, young Princess Pandora promised to help the poor and the needy people of her kingdom. In the sequel, “Pandora’s Secret Pledge”, Princess Pandora disguises herself as a boy to search for the Golden Stallion, the finest horse in the kingdom. She finds the stallion and bonds with it. Then, when her father goes on crusade, she and the stallion have to honour the ancient custom of completing the dangerous ride of the Three Peaks or lose the throne. But the king’s enemies are out to stop her completing the task.



  • Artist: Terry Aspin
  • “The Promise Pandora Made” was translated into Dutch as “Het geheim van Pandora” (“Pandora’s Secret”) –  Tina #52/1977-9/1978.


  • The Promise Pandora Made –  Debbie:  #121 (7 June 1975) – #131 (16 August 1975)
  • Pandora’s Secret Pledge –  Debbie: #158 (21 February 1976) – #167 (24 April 1976)

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    1. Thanks Ramon. Do you know if both stories were reprinted together as one or is it just the Pandora’s Secret Pledge.

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