Remember the Blood Red Rose


Complete story. In 1815 Brussels, the Duke of Wellington’s officers are entertaining the ladies. Serena Malvern is not allowed to dance because she is considered too young, so she is merely watching and notices her sister Sybilla is taking a fancy to one of the officers, Lieutenant Pelham.

Red roses are tossed at the Highlander fighters’ dance. Serena objects because the scarlet petals look like blood to her. Her misgivings are dismissed as the soldiers think Napoleon is finished. Serena is not so sure about this. And her premonition proves right when news arrives that Napoleon has returned. Pelham is killed in action at the Battle of Waterloo the next day. Serena keeps a  scarlet petal that fell from Pelham’s uniform to remember him by.




  • Remember the Blood Red Rose –  Debbie:  #139 (11 October 1975)

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