The Forbidden Beach


Alison Cooper is staying with a distant relative, “Aunt” Moira Hewitt. Alison finds the house  creepy and Aunt Moira is behaving strangely, in that she has banned Alison from the beach in front of the house and won’t say why. Alison disobeys orders to rescue a baby seal, which she has kept hidden and named Flippers. But a well-meaning photographer takes a photograph of Alison and Flippers on the beach, and Alison’s secret is in danger when he pushes the best shot through the mail slot.



  • Artist: Cándido Ruiz Pueyo  (also used the pseudonym Emilia Prieto)


  • The Forbidden Beach –  Debbie: #252  (10 December 1977) – #262 (18 February 1978)

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