Too Clever for School


Kim Harding lived with her grandfather, Dr  John Hording, in a cave above the town of Radford. Dr Harding, a brilliant scholar, had educated Kim in his own way, but the authorities insisted that Kim must go to school. Miss Snope, Kim’s teacher, did not approve of such an unusual pupil.

too clever for school


  • Art: Eduardo Feito


  • Too Clever for School  – Judy:  #548 (11 July 1970) –  #562 (17 October 1970)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #971 (19 August 1978)  –  #985 (25 November 1978)

5 thoughts on “Too Clever for School

  1. The essence of this serial ”Too Clever For School” has been borrowed from a text serial with the same title in The Hotspur 116 (Nov. 16 1935) – 140 (May 2 1936). The names have been changed.

  2. Whoever the writer of the Judy serial was, mistyfan, he/she would not have needed any legal permission because both The Hotspur and Judy were D. C. Thomson titles, and they held, and still hold, the copyright to all their stories and the characters featured in them.

  3. Thank you. It does sound like they retooled a lot of stories from their older titles into new forms. But I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a steal.

  4. I’m sure that all the girls who enjoyed such adaptations would not have cared even if they had known. I will be adding information about a number of others if the titles are highlighted. You are right, there were a good few, although by no means as many as there were in the company’s boys’ titles. I was always more disappointed by repeats.

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