Wendy’s Wishing Well


Wendy Webster’s family buy  Wishing Well Café, complete with a wishing well. Its wishes are guaranteed to come true – with help from Wendy, who has discovered a secret entrance into the well. This enables her to intercept wishes that are thrown into the well and make them come true.


  • Artist: John Woods


  • Wendy’s Wishing Well – Bunty: #843 (09 March 1974) – #853 (18 May 1974)
  • Reprinted – Bunty Monthly

5 thoughts on “Wendy’s Wishing Well

  1. Wendy’s Wishing Well ran in Bunty 843 (it was merely trailered in 842) (Mar. 9 1974) – 853 (May 18 1974).

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