Fiona and the Ring of Fergus


When Fiona Miller’s family was put under a curse by gypsy Meg Fergus, Fiona secretly volunteered to wear the Ring of Fergus for a year and a day, thereby taking all the bad luck on herself. Fiona’s personality changed under the ring’s influence. She was already in trouble when the ring became entangled in her little sister’s hair and, in cutting it free, Fiona made matters worse.

fiona and the ring of fergus


  • Art: Paddy Brennan
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Fiona en de ring” – Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).


  • Fiona and the Ring of Fergus   Judy:  #1050 (23  Feb. 1980) – #1059 (26 April 1980)

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