Poor Little Rich Girl [1977]


Maisie Woods’ father won a fortune on the football pools—but her parents vowed that the money would not change them in any way. I still was causing lots of problems for Maisie.

poor little rich girl1


  • Not to be confused with the 1987 Judy story of the same name


  • Poor Little Rich Girl  – Judy:  #915 (23 July 1977) – #928 (22 October 1977)
  • Reprinted – Judy: circa #1297 (17 November 1984) – (?)

1 thought on “Poor Little Rich Girl [1977]

  1. Poor Little Rich Girl starts in Judy 915 (Jul. 23 1977). I don’t have issue 914, where presumably a trailer would have been printed, and there is no indication above the instalment in 915 that it is the first one, other than the comment ‘The Saturday That Changed The Woods’ Life’, but as it is the instalment in which Maisie and her friends are enjoying themselves on the rubbish tip, their favourite playground, prior to her father discovering that he has won the pools, I think it is sensible to assume that it is.

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