Sally of Super School


Sally Turner had won a scholarship to the Clegg Academy for girls, nicknamed Super School because of its brilliant academic and athletic record. Sally had grown suspicious of brother and sister Lyle and Beatrice Clegg, who ran the school. She attempted to contact Gayle Winters, a local reporter who was writing an article on the school, but failed. As a result, she had caused the school to lose an important cross-country race.

sally of super school


  • Art: Ron Tiner
  • Translated and reprinted in the Netherlands as ‘Raadsels rond een internaat’ (Mysteries at a boarding school) – Tina Sterstrip 2 (1983)


  • Sally of Super School   Judy:  #1112 (02  May 1981) – #1121 (4 July 1981)

10 thoughts on “Sally of Super School

  1. Art is by Ron Tiner.
    This story was reprinted in the Netherlands in Tina Sterstrip 2 (1983) as ‘Raadsels rond een internaat’, which would translate as something like ‘Mysteries at a boarding school’.

    1. Ron Tiner, as I wrote in the first line of my comment. I wish he had done more, because I love his art. As far as I know, he only did three stories for girls’ comics (‘The fifth swan child’, ‘The face of evil’ and ‘Sally of super school’), all for Judy and all in 1981.

      1. There is also “Linda’s Fox” from Tammy (May – August 1981), and a story called “The Mystery of Dowerby Manor” from the Diana 1984 Annual.

  2. Ron Tiner also drew The Revenge of Roxanne in Suzy but didn’t finish it, and it was finished by another artist, a couple of Strange Stories in Tammy, and was the last artist on the Battle of the Planets strip in TV Comic.

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