The House of the Ravens


In the year 1812, Paula Ravenswood and her young brother, Nicholas, went to live at Ravenswood Hall after the death of their parents. Nicholas was the last heir to the House of Ravenswood, whose fortunes were guarded by ravens. It was said that disaster would come to the family when all the ravens had gone. Now only one remained, weak and injured. One day, Nicky ran to the stables and left the raven in a hiding place, the low, cool oven in the kitchen range.  A wind blew the  door open and a prowling cat entered the kitchen.

house of ravens


  • Artist: John Armstrong


  • The House of the Ravens   Judy: #620 (27 November 1971) – #633 (26 February 1972)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #1050 (23  February 1980) – #1063 (24 May 1980)

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