The Wilsons Who Lived in a Shoe


In Victorian times, when Peech’s Funfair closed down, the Wilson children’s father lost his job. He left for London and didn’t return. Scared of being put into an orphanage by their unsympathetic landlady, Annie Wilson and her younger brother and sister. Nicky and Sara, ran away and set up home in The Shoe, an amusement in the funfair. However, when they were confronted by the police. Nicky gave himself up in order to save his two sisters.

wilsons who live in a shoe


  • Art: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • The Wilsons Who Lived in a Shoe –  Judy and Tracy:  #1412 (31 Jan. 1987) – #1421 (04 Apr.  1987)

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