Witch Hazel


Young Hazel Withers was a member of a family of witches, but she had trouble with her spells, partly because she could not read very well. The family sent her to Grandma’s old school in England, and Grandpa turned himself into a cat to go and keep an eye on Hazel. But Whiteways School had changed since Grandma’s day, and it was now a reform school for tough girls!

witch hazel



  • Witch Hazel – Judy: #526 (7 February 1970) – #540 (16 May 1970)
  • Reprinted – Judy and Tracy:  #1338 (31 August 1985) – #1352 (07 December 1985)

2 thoughts on “Witch Hazel

  1. There was also a story called “Witch Hazel” in Tammy, about a witch called Hazel who escapes persecution by coming into the 20th century, but causes mayhem because she does not understand the time period.

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