Bad Penny (1987)


Boastful and selfish Penny Thorpe had stolen  an old coin from a blind man. It was having a bad influence over her life, spoiling her chance to join school swimming team. She made sure the old penny was well and truly buried when a road outside he school was relaid — but, soon afterwards, Miss Melbury,the swimming teacher, had a road accident and Penny got the coin back.



  • Art: Eduardo Feito
  • A popular title for stories, there was a humour strip of the same name in Smash! as well as, two other Judy stories had the same name in the 70s;  Bad Penny (1977)  and the 90s; Bad Penny (1990)


  • Bad Penny –  Judy: #1458 (19 December 1987) – #1467 (20 February 1988)

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