Bess’s Secret Brother / Her Brother’s Keeper


In the 1880’s, Bess Langley became nursemaid with the wealthy Selby  family, who were unaware that their adopted son, Richard, was actually Bess’s own baby brother. Then Bess discovered that Neville Selby, a nephew who had expected to inherit the family fortune, was out to kill the baby. Bess fled with the baby to another town and took lodgings with Mrs Doakes and her daughter, Rosie, but soon discovered that Rosie was ill-treating him in her absence. Leaving the baby at the inn where she worked, Bess returned to collect her things and settle up with Mrs Doakes.



  • Writer: Marion Turner (under pen-name: Fiona Turner)
  • Art; “B. Jackson”
  • Reprinted in Dutch as “Ik blijf bij je!’ (I’ll stay with you!) – Tina 1991


  • Bess’s Secret Brother – Judy: #1256 (4 February 1984) – #1267 (21 April 1984)
  • Reprinted as Her Brother’s Keeper–  Judy: #1578 (07 April 1990) – #1589 (23 June 1990)

4 thoughts on “Bess’s Secret Brother / Her Brother’s Keeper

  1. Yesterday I finished reading this in Tina from 1991. In Dutch the story is called ‘Ik blijf bij je!’ (I’ll stay with you!). Not a bad variation on something we have read many times in girls comics, but the end was rather lame with the deus ex machina. The story could have been concluded in a more realistic manner.

      1. I’ve seen some endings that are let down by being too crammed in the last episode, not allowing some things to breathe or be properly developed.

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