Mrs Nobody


The four Carson sisters – Wendy, Joan, Lucy and Beth – have been in a Children’s Home for years because nobody would agree to take all four of them. Then Mrs Niberdy agrees to foster them all. But when the sisters arrive at their new home, a mystery begins because the house is creepy and neglected-looking. The mystery deepens even more when the girls find Mrs Niberdy is nowhere in sight – just a note saying she has gone away – and nobody but themselves seems to be there. So they dub Mrs Niberdy “Mrs Nobody”. They stay on in the house anyway because they do not want to go back to the Home, and pretend Mrs Nobody is there. But strange things start happening which suggest Mrs Nobody may not be as absent as she seems.




  • Mrs Nobody – Mandy: #260 8 January 1978) – #268 (4 March 1972)
  • Reprinted – Mandy:  #616 (4 November 1978) – #624 (30 December 1978)

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