No Boys for Brenda


Brenda Jackson, an  orphan, was given a home by her Aunt Louise. But she soon discovered that her aunt, who had suffered an unhappy marriage, was determined Brenda should have nothing to do with boys.



  • This story originally concluded in issue #1447, but some episodes that were produced were not published at this time. Instead there were 7 episodes published a few months later with the tagline “All-New Stories” and the following explanation in the summary box “No Boys for Brenda was so popular that we’re printing some previously unpublished stories from the last series.”
  • As these later issues take place in the middle of the story, in issue #1474 a summary of the ending and  the last 4 panels of the original ending are printed.


  • No Boys for Brenda –  Judy:  #1433 (27 June 1987) – #1447 (3 October 1987)
  • No Boys for Brenda –  Judy:  #1468 (27 February 1988) – #1474 (9 April 1988)

2 thoughts on “No Boys for Brenda

  1. I saw this artwork being credited to Geoff Jones but now I am no longer sure it is accurate as totally different looking artwork has been credited to Geoff Jones.

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